▪️4. Rootverse Runes Mining Game

This is a mining game featuring BRC1024 Rootverse 211K characters. In this game:

  • Bitcoin block confirmations serve as the smallest unit of time. Each block update triggers new actions.

  • Epoch transitions occur periodically, ranging from several weeks to months. During each transition, OG holders(Root DAO members) participate in adjusting the game's strategy/mining methods.

  • The total mining period is approximately one year, initially planned to span five epochs. Each epoch will mint one-fifth of the total token supply. Rune Token airdrops occur roughly every two epochs or every four months, depending on gas conditions.

  • In addition to the Rootverse 211K characters, other participants include BitMap and ROOT's OG cards.

Genesis Epoch (Mining)

  • This is the first epoch, a relatively peaceful era where players begin their mining journey by selecting and acquiring various race-based NFTs.

  • Mining Activation: Mining starts at block ** and can be activated by any BRC1024 NFT transfer into/out of a wallet.

  • NFTs listed on the marketplace are not eligible for mining activities.

Mining Power

  • Players can store multiple NFTs from different races in one wallet. The total mining power is the combined mining capability of all NFTs in the wallet.

  • Base Power and Rarity Multiplier vary depending on the race and rarity of the NFT.

Base Mining Power by Race

  • Humans (each sub-race has 20,000 NFTs): Mining weight = 1.0

  • Humanoids (each sub-race has 10,000 NFTs): Mining weight = 1.5

  • Demons and Undead (each sub-race has 5,000 NFTs): Mining weight = 4.0

  • Deities (God Fighters 5,000, Male and Female Gods each 2,500): God Fighters mining weight = 5.0, Male and Female Gods = 10.0

  • Dragon Race (1,000 NFTs): Mining weight = 15.0

Rarity Multiplier

  • Rarity scoring within sub-races involves the following steps:

    1. Calculate the frequency of each attribute within the sub-race’s total NFTs:

      • Frequency = Number of occurrences of the attribute / Total number of NFTs

    2. Attribute rarity score using the frequency’s reciprocal or another diminishing function:

      • Attribute rarity score = 1 / Frequency

    3. Aggregate score calculation for each NFT based on its attributes and corresponding weights, typically using a weighted sum.


  • Booster includes:

    • OG card, 1.25

    • Race completeness:

      • Owning both Male and Female Gods, 1.05

      • Owning 21 races, 1.1

      • Owning 22 races, 1.2

  • Boosters for OG card and race completeness can be combined, yielding a maximum booster of 1.25*1.2.

Era of Conflict (Random Game)

This second epoch features intense tribal warfare:

  • Each wallet represents a tribe, and a tribe's "combat strength" equals its Genesis Epoch mining power.

  • Players can declare war on another tribe (wallet). Following the declaration, the tribes engage in a virtual battle in the next block time, determining the winner.

  • Victory probability for Tribe A (Wallet A) = Mining power of Wallet A / (Mining power of Wallet A + Mining power of Wallet B). Higher mining power increases the probability of winning. However, a loss results in significant penalties.

  • The victor gains 1/100 of the opponent's points, while the loser forfeits 1/100 of their own points. The top scorers on the leaderboard also will receive additional points.

Era of Fierce Battle (Strategy Game)

This third epoch involves intense territorial confrontations.

  • Players initially select a wallet to participate in a map. Suitable BitMaps should neither have too many nor too few partitions to balance participant numbers.

  • When the number of users matches the number of map partitions, the game starts. Characters from wallets are randomly placed in a BitMap block.

  • Players target a neighboring territory for combat, choosing a portion of their forces for the attack. The attack strength equals the combat power of the selected characters, while the defense strength consists of the remaining characters.

  • The probability of a successful attack = Own combat power / (Own combat power + Opponent's defense power). A successful attack captures the opponent's territory. If successfully attacked by others, the player loses their territory and is eliminated from the round.

  • The game continues until one player captures all territories. The victor claims 1/100 of all participants

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