BRC1024 is an intriguing tiny-scale experiment that utilizes the bitcoin ordinals interface to construct metaverses. This experiment is highly dynamic in nature, and I would strongly advise against making any financial decisions based on its design.


  • All keys for the operations of this protocol should be in lowercase. Uppercase keys are not valid. The values except "elements" are case-insensitive, meaning that the capitalization of values does not matter.

  • The value of "elements" is a dict, and all these keys and values of the dict are case-sensitive. The validate 'Mint' operation, must keeping the same as the coressponding items in 'Deploy' operation.

1. Metaverse

What is metaverse? To put it simply, a virtual world.

Let's build new metaverses on Bitcoin together.

▪️page1. Metaverse

2. Metaverse Component

What are Metaverse Components? There are various elements that make up the metaverse, such as characters、 lands、 worldviews and so on.

▪️page2. Metaverse Component

3. Metaverse Component Instance

What's Metaverse Component Instance(MCI)? They are a concretization of metaverse components. For example, Superman is an instance of Marvel metaverse hero, and a certain warrior is an instance of a Root metaverse warrior character.

▪️page3. Metaverse Component Instance

4. Economy System Based on Rune

In a BRC1024-based virtual universe (metaverse), characters and various entities exist in the form of "Spell", while the elements that constitute the basis of characters' life and abilities should exist in the form of fungible tokens (FTs). By simulating the natural cycle of birth, aging, sickness, death, and rebirth, the goal is to establish a dynamic, sustainable virtual ecosystem.

▪️page4. Rootverse Runes Mining Game

5. The OG Metaverse: Root

Root is the first metaverse in the BRC1024 protocol. Currently, Root comprises 21 tribes, leading to the deployment of 21 metaverse components, which will altogether result in the creation of 200,000 characters in Root metaverse.

▪️page5. The OG Metaverse: Root

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