▪️3.2 Spell: CopyRight Binding For AIGC

In the field of AI-generated content (AIGC), there are many challenges faced by creators.

Problem: Fragmented Content and Lack of a Unified Worldview

In the AIGC domain, creators often focus on short-term appeal at the expense of building long-term value. The fundamental issue here is the absence of a cohesive, compelling worldview or narrative framework. A worldview not only provides guidelines for content creation but also connects individual works, enhancing user engagement and a sense of belonging.

Solution: Building a Culturally Compatible IP ROOT

The proposed solution is to create a culturally compatible IP ROOT, which is a core intellectual property adaptable to various cultural contexts with broad appeal. This IP ROOT should be flexible enough to accommodate the styles and ideas of different creators while maintaining consistent core values and a unified worldview.

Through this approach, creators can produce content around a common theme or storyline, enabling individual works to support each other and collectively build a richer, more engaging content ecosystem. This not only enhances the intrinsic value of the works but also promotes the formation and development of a community, providing creators with a more stable and sustainable environment for creativity and earnings.

Problem: Monetizing Content

In the AIGC domain, despite the ability of creators to produce content quickly and efficiently using AI tools, the monetization capacity of such content significantly lags behind that of the Web3 domain, such as the sale of NFT artworks. The issue lies in the lack of effective mechanisms to certify the uniqueness and scarcity of content, which are key to recognizing and monetizing its value.

Solution: Linking Digital Assets with Spells and a Data Center

The solution to the monetization issue involves two key technologies: Spells and a data center to link Spells with digital assets. The essence of this method is to use Spells as proof of ownership and usage rights of digital assets. Whenever an Spell is traded or transferred, the usage rights of associated digital assets (which may include content created in the AIGC domain) are correspondingly transferred to the new owner.

The dependency of digital assets can ultimately form a piece of metadata. If using the JSON format:

  "inscription": "99c0f2183774564bb0a54494f13f09514ce50e86838814510a40921f19b1c410i0",
  "description": "This is Loong 0 in Rootverse, made by Bauhinia Magazine and Root team.",
  "pfp": {
  "video": {

This JSON data, as it will be continuously changing, we temporarily won't consider storing it on the blockchain, but it will be publicly accessible. Thus, systems that integrate Spells can utilize the corresponding data assets. For example, a social application using Spell for login can obtain its associated avatar to be used as the profile picture within the social application.

In summary, by building a culturally compatible IP ROOT and using Spells and a data center to link digital assets, the problems of fragmented content and difficulty in monetization in the AIGC domain can be resolved. This provides creators with a richer and more sustainable environment for creation and earnings.

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