▪️2.1 Self Mint and Wallet Mint Limitation

The value of the "self-mint-wallets" field is an array, with elements which are Bitcoin wallet addresses designated by the project owner as mint wallets. The total number of mints allowed for these wallets is defined by "self-mint-number", which must be less than or equal to "max". For example, if "max" is set to 1000 and "self-mint-number" is 200, then the wallets in "self-mint-wallets" can mint up to a maximum of 200, while other wallets, namely the wallets of ordinary users, can mint a quantity of 1000-200=800.

    "p": "brc-1024",
    "metaverse": "root",
    "op": "deploy",
    "tick": "charactor:warrior",
    "max": 20000,
    "self-mint-wallets": ['bc1pz0fz3te3ktew9sauugv6hm8v7pn4lf3c6qq0d3efeceyp557yltsuz39xv','bc1phrne2pen4n9m006gtkgmmq6ry54vpk3wukkzg5upqcezlgzux9qsp4kmyg'],
    "self-mint-number": 2000,
    "per-wallet-max-allowed-mint": 2,
    "elements": {
        "Race": [
        "Sub Race": [
        "Gender": [
        "Hair Color": [
        "Hairstyle": [
            "Samurai Bun",
        "Skin Color": [
        "Clothing": [
            "Battle Armor",
            "Samurai Robe",
            "Leather Armor",
            "Leopard Print Robe",
            "Brocade Battle Dress",
            "Tiger Skin Battle Dress",
            "Phoenix Armor",
            "Wolf Spirit Battle Dress",
            "Python Scale Armor",
            "Kirin Battle Armor",
            "White Fox Fur Battle Dress"
        "Accessory": [
            "Heavy Armor Helmet"
        "Weapon": [
            "Tang Sword",
            "Western Sword",
            "Bow And Arrow",
            "Crescent Blade",
            "Battle Axe",
            "Dual Blades",
        "Exoskeleton": [

Wallet Mint Limitations To ensure that Mint actions are as decentralized as possible and to prevent the emergence of large Whales, restrictions can be placed on the Mint actions of user wallets.

This is done by adding the "per-wallet-max-allowed-mint" field, which defines "the maximum legal mint quantity for a certain wallet for a certain metaverse component." In other words, if it is set to 5, then a single wallet can mint a maximum of 5 items, and any further mint actions will be invalid. The wallet mint limit applies only to regular wallets, self-mint wallets are not subject to this restriction.

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