▪️1. Metaverse

What is Metaverse? To put it simply, a virtual world.

For example, Marvel, Star Wars, The Three-Body Problem, and so on. Do Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin count? Of course, they do. Although they are historical IPs, they essentially represent a fictional world.

Does BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) count? It also does, but from a metaverse perspective, its design is not comprehensive enough; it only has character without elements like a worldview or a map.

Let's build entirely new metaverses on Bitcoin.


Create a metaverse by creating an inscription like the following. In this instance, the name of the metaverse is "root".

  "p": "brc-1024",
  "op": "metaverse:deploy",
  "tick": "root"


  • When this metaverse deploy inscription belongs to a certain wallet, that wallet will be the owner of this metaverse, capable of deploying components of the metaverse.

  • Once the inscription is transferred to a new wallet, the owner privileges will also be transferred to the new wallet.

  • Only the deployment of the first tick is valid, deployments of repeated ticks will be considered invalid.


  • The initial version of the protocol follows the principle of simplicity, with the possibility of adding more support in the future, such as the icon of the metaverse, description, whether to make the component deployment permission public, and so on.

  • To prevent someone from "holding" the Metaverse without taking any action, a future expiration mechanism might be implemented. For instance, if there are no corresponding further deployments or mints, the ownership of the Metaverse will automatically expire after one year.

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